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4 Stack Gold Cube
3 Stack Gold Cube Gold Banker Gold Cube Trommel  

Gold is is time! 
Move an amazing amount of material through the Gold Cube..up to 1,000 lbs. an hour...even black sand and end up with a coffee cup (or less) of super concentrates.. now that's time well spent!

It Self Cleans!
Active Vortex Zones gravitate the heavy gold downward thus forcing out lighter materials, even black sand! Each modular tray contains thousands of these "tornado zones" that continually purge.. you will always keep the gold while removing almost everything else automatically! Go ahead and feed the Gold Cube, it's a very hungry machine.
It's Modular!
Stack-able and durable trays are made of "low density Poly" similar to your cutting board at home and fill about the same footprint. This makes the Gold Cube very compact yet tough and ready for any situation you can throw at it (literally) ha!

It's a No-Brainer!
Everything on the Gold Cube is ready for action..Simply set it up, hook up the 12 volt pump and you're ready to go! You can pump from a creek or recycle from a tub. Why bring home the creek when all you want is the gold?

gold cube inventors Inventors: Mike Pung & Steve "Red" Wilcox - "Cube it or loose it!"

Complete Kits

gold cube 4 stack deluxe

Price: $479.95

Shipping: USA: FREE, Canada: $99.95, Europe/UK: $279.95, Australia/NZ: $299.95


4-Stack Deluxe

• One Slick Plate
• Three Separator Trays
• Stand
• Pump
• Hose
• Hose Adapters

Choose Your Country: Shipping Included in Price


Dakota Fred

Dakota Fred uses The Gold Cube and was featured on "Gold Rush".

Dakota Fred

gold cube 4 stack deluxe

Price: $389.95

Shipping: USA: FREE, Canada: $89.95, Europe/UK: $259.95, Australia/NZ: $289.95


3-Stack Deluxe

• One Slick Plate
• two Separator Trays
• Stand
• Pump
• Hose
• Hose Adapters

Choose Your Country: Shipping Included in Price



The Gold Banker

The cube is now Shovel Ready!

Take the hassle out of classifying and increase your yield at the same time! 3/16th punch plate allows for a 50% size increase, double the slick plate for increased separation and nugget traps instantly show the gold. Simply attach the stand extensions to your existing cube stand and attach the 5 foot hose (included) and you are ready to go for the gold!

The Gold Banker can be used as a high banker/beach box configuration using the standard 1100 gph pump or a 2000 gph pump is available with 12 foot hose. The topper works very well as a recirculation unit or can function as a stand alone classifier.

The Gold Banker is constructed of thick ABS material with built in adjustable spray bar. The punch plate is anodized or stainless steel that simply slides into the unit. Stainless is the best choice for salt water use, however, the anodized just needs a good clean with fresh water.

Gold Cube Gold Banker

Price: $275.00 Anodized Steel

Price: $320.00 Stainless Steel

Shipping: USA: FREE, Canada: 49.95, Europe/UK: $79.95, Australia/NZ: $89.95



The Gold Banker

• Nugget Trap Tray
• t3/16 Punch Plate
• Stand Adapters
• Spary Bar
• 5 ft Hose

Choose Your Country: Shipping Included in Price


Gold Cube Trommel

The New Gold Cube Trommel has the spray bar mounted on the outside of the machine. A dependable machine that can outlast you (bring friends)! Just try to wear out our trommel and reap the rewards.


• New design brings the spray bar to the outside of the barrel.

• Strong 12 volt motor designed for continuous use.

• Fully adjustable.

• Hardware and template included (simply drill 4 holes)

Gold Cube Gold Banker

Price: $750.00

Shipping: USA: FREE, Canada: $119.95, Europe/UK: $249.95, Australia/NZ: $290.00



Gold Cube Trommel

Choose Your Country: Shipping Included in Price



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