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Gold/Gem and Ghost Towns/Historical Sites
Available States
Arizona California Colorado Idaho
Montana Nevada New Mexico Oregon
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All 5 map sections combined cover entire state of Washington.

Includes 5 Maps each with 2 sides
MAP 1:
side #1 Northwest Section
side #2 Early Mining Districts Central/Western Region
MAP 2:
side #1 Northeast Section
side #2 Early Mining Districts Northeast Region
MAP 3:
side #1 Southwest Section
side #2 Early Mining Districts Central Region
MAP 4:
side #1 Southeast Section
side #2 Early Mining Districts Northeast Region
MAP 5:
side #1 Washington 1865
side #2 Washington 1896

Areas in pink indicate gold and/or silver. Each map section is has various numbers printed on it which indicate where that particular gem or mineral has been found and known to be a deposit.
29 different Types of values indicated on maps including gold, gems, minerals and fossils.
Other maps included on backs (side #2 of each map) are a great reference for finding more about the history of areas that have been mined in the past.
This can help you in your research process and as a guide.




International Orders contact us for shipping amount at:

All 6 map sections combined cover entire state of Washington.

Includes 6 Maps
MAP 1:
side #1 Washington 1883
side #2 Washington 1907
MAP 2:
side #1 1889
side #2 Population Washington 1900 - 2000
MAP 3:
NW Section Overlay, Historical Text and Pictures
MAP 4:
NE Section Overlay, Historical Text and Pictures
MAP 5:
SW Section Overlay, Historical Text and Pictures
MAP 6:
SE Section Overlay, Historical Text and Pictures

Overlay Modern Road System over Historical Maps and find Early Towns, Military Roads, Early Railroads, and Early Forts!
Map sections when combined cover then entire state of Washington.
Using the Overlays:
The overlay, which is used over the map of Washington, 1900 (maps 3,4, & 5) has been reproduced from a modern map. The purpose is to show the changes in the state over a period of 100 years! Place names may appear in 1900 which are absent of the current map. Some of the locations may have been early stage stations, mining camps, ranches or early town sites later abandoned.
The different locations noted in boundaries, landmarks and place names are evident.

A great historical reference guide to find these old historical areas.

More about GOLD & GEM MAPS: All the information included in the Gold and Gems map package series for the western states has been researched from numerous authentic archival sources such as the National Archives, individual state libraries and other state and federal agencies. Maps have been reproduced from authentic documents on file. Great care has been exercised to accurately transfer all information from authentic documents to the featured maps in this collection using a numbered guide, printed in red, showing the many deposits of gold and gems on a U.S.G.S. map. The reader should be reminded that maps have been used in some cases as an information source. Remember, the older the document, the less accurate the information may be. Inasmuch as this is an endeavor to display mining activity locations for a century, old documents had to be utilized.

All of the western state gold and gems map packages contain maps with the same format displaying the locations for silver, gold and gem deposits. With the current increased price of gold, renewed interest in mining gold is evident by the mining industry as well as the weekend prospector. Research by the beginner is advisable regarding state and federal mining laws, required permits (if necessary), procedures and proper equipment.

All maps in this series are in packages measuring 6.5″ x 9.5″. The very readable maps measure 17.5 x 23 when unfolded and should prove valuable as field guides for all enthusiasts of early mining activities, rockhounds, history buffs or amateur treasure hunters!

More about GHOST TOWN MAPS: Ghost Towns and Ghost Sites are yours to rediscover as you peruse and study the maps in this collection. All maps included in the Ghost Town series are reproduced from authentic documents on file from various archival collections such as the National Archives. Each packet, measuring 6.5″ by 9.5″, contains maps (18″ x 24″ trimmed) which were selected for quality, age and location details. What makes these packets so unique is the inclusion of a transparent overlay printed from a modern road map. By placing the acetate overlay on top of the corresponding historical map, it quickly becomes apparent that this techniques is a valuable asset in assisting with the location of favorite places. Please be reminded that many early place names that appear may not have been an actual town site. Some early postal services may have been located in a ranch house, stage station or a mining camp. Additionally, some historians have a difference of opinion concerning names and their exact locations. Readers should be reminded of the limitations of the early surveyors who most likely used primitive equipment and limited cartographic knowledge. The compiler wishes to remind the readers of the responsibility of knowing the rules when searching on private, State and Federal lands. Violation of rules is in poor judgment. Good Hunting!

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