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Le Trap
Le Trap Leg Stand      

ORIGINAL LE TRAP SLUICE "Bank Robber/River Robber"

The Le Trap "Bank Robber" and "River Robber" Sluice Box is incredibly lightweight yet efficient at catching even fine gold. Sluice box measures 48" long by about 12-14" wide on the inside (exterior is about 16" wide) and will hold the finest flour gold as well as large nuggets. The Le Trap sluice weighs only about 4 pounds, so it is very easy to back pack. Size 12"-14" wide (interior) x 48"L x 4" deep.

The riffles are designed with a two-step ramp which allows the sluice to recover fine gold without vibrating or the use a carpet liner. Clean lines and the lack of any removable riffles or carpet allow for very quick and thorough clean up. Made in Canada. This sluice will be shipped to you configured as a Bank Robber. The closed end of the Bank Robber Sluice can be cut out, creating the River Robber Sluice.

Use it as regular stream sluice or make your own power sluice by adding inexpensive piping and a small pump.


Ships to USA ($44.95), Canada ($79.95), Australia ($119.95), New Zealand ($119.95), Europe($94.95), UK($94.95), Ireland($94.95), Germany($94.95) & Japan ($119.95)


$119.00USD plus shipping


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Step 1 – Setting up the Sluice

Locate a place in the stream with fast water and a gradual drop. Water should run fast enough to move a 1” to 2” rock through the sluice about as fast as you can walk through with your fingers. You may have to remove or rearrange rocks to provide a space for the sluice to set so as to provide approximately 1 ½” to 2” of water uniformly at the proper speed. Rocks upstream may have to be arranged to divert water either in or out of the sluice.

Step 2 – Holding the sluice in place.

To hold the sluice in the river, it is suggested to put a 1 x 4 x 15” board or aluminum angle across the sluice at the narrow section. This board will allow you to place a rock approximately 5 to 10 pounds on the board to hold the sluice in place. Use just enough weight to hold the sluice in the stream. There are many other ways of making a rock holder for your sluice box.

Step 3 – Processing the material.

Deposit the Gold bearing material in the flat portion of the sluice and allow the water to wash it through the sluice. Feed the material into the sluice at the rate that will allow at least one ridge to be seen all the way across the sluice. NOTE: Sluice operation will run more smoothly if the bank material is first run through a JOBE ½” classifier, thus eliminating the larger rocks from blocking the riffles and slowing down the processing of your material. Continue to feed the material until the bottoms of the riffles become plugged with heavy black sands which will prevent the Gold from settling to the bottom. The amount of material that can be run will vary from one location to another, depending on the types of deposits in the area.

Step 4 – Clean out.

When you have processed the bank material, allow clear water to flow through to wash out any excess lighter material. When the sluice is ready for clean out, lift the intake end out of the water first. This stops the water flowing through the sluice and drains the excess water out. Pick up the sluice and place the lower left corner into a bucket or Gold pan. Keep the sluice tilted to the left side, splash or pour water, washing the concentrates into the container. At this time you can see the Gold laying in the riffles. If there is Gold in the lower end of the sluice, the angle or the water flow can be changed to correct this.


This zinc plated steel sluice stand is 18 inches wide, 36 inches long and designed to hold the LE TRAP Sluice firmly in place. It provides a sturdy platform to use the sluice as a highbanker, power sluice, or dredge. The 1/2 inch square tubular legs are independently adjustable for leveling or setting any angle on any terrain. The legs are 18 inches long. Disassembleed it takes up very little space an weighs only 7 pounds.


Shipping: USA $19.95

Canada $39.95

Australia, New Zealand, Japan: $64.95

Europe, UK, Ireland, Germany, France: $59.95


LE Trap Leg Stand

$89.95 + Shipping

Ships to USA ($19.95), Canada ($39.95), Australia ($64.95), New Zealand ($64.95), Europe($59.95), UK($59.95), Ireland($59.95), Germany($59.95) & Japan ($64.95)

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