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24" X 6" Vortex Dream Mat Gold Mini Back Packer Sluce Box

24" X 6" Vortex Dream Mat Gold Mini Back Packer Sluce Box

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24" X 6" Trek Sluice Box with 16" x 6" Mini Dream Mat


  • Sturdy .05 gage Aluminum Sluice Box
  • Light Weight at 2 lbs 8 oz
  • Easily cleans out into a pan or 5-gallon bucket
  • Easy one step wing nut and bolt releases and/holds DREAM MAT in place.

Be prepared to find gold on your next adventure! This sluice easily fits on or in your pack. Get hours of enjoyment while relaxing on the stream, creek, or river, or while exploring into the great outdoors.

A combination perfect for back yard cleanups. With over 68,000 views of Mini Mat outperforming the latest competition, the Mini Mat can't be beat and finds gold in all the other systems tailings. It truly has become the measure of the bar in fine gold recovery around the world. Join Dream Mat fans around the globe and experience gold recovery only the pro could achieve, because more gold is more fun! 

We enjoy nothing more than seeing folks smile after solving their fine gold recovery problems. It's so fun to see MORE YELLOW in your pan! We hope you give our new tool a try!

It really does lock down the gold

I took my 6X24 mini mat sluice out to the South Platte River in southwest Denver, Colorado to see how well it worked. The South Platte can be a real challenge due to the heavy black sand content and because the gold is usually 20 mesh or smaller. I ran 9 half-full bucket loads of dirt through the sluice stopping after every 3rd half bucket to clean out the concentrates. After a little over 2 hours of sluicing, I panned my cons and took home 30 pieces of -20 mesh gold. I'm very encouraged by this first test. The 6X24 was very easy to set up. The key is to watch the material clear out of the section between the flair and wait a few seconds for the rest to clear out of the mat before adding another scoop of dirt. By raising or lowering the flair, you can easily control the flow. I like how the holes at the upper end of the mat fill with nothing but black sand while the holes at the other end fill with lighter material. That tells you the gold is staying put in the upper 3rd of the mat and not migrating down and possibly out of the sluice. If you're worried about losing gold, relax. It's not going to happen with the Dream Mat. And if you want a portable sluice that can do it all from quick tests to all-day processing, the 6X24 is the way to go.


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