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3M Miners Moss 36" x 12"

3M Miners Moss 36" x 12"

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3M Miners Moss 36" x 12"


Simply the best material for trapping gold in your sluice.

Woven vinyl loop material has thousands of gold traps through out the entire sheet of material.
GOLD PICKERS(small nuggets that you can pick up) get stuck in the woven material!
Replace your carpet with Miners Moss and get more gold!

BEWARE: of other so called "Miners Moss" manufactured in China. Most of this knock off material is backed so that when your gold goes to the bottom of the material it is difficult to get out. With 3M Miners Moss, both sides are woven with ideal density to allow the gold to be able to be recovered from both sides. The gold does not go beyond the bottom of your moss when installed into a sluice box.
Another problem miners are having with the other mosses is that they are decomposing and breaking up after use. There are reports from small scale miners and larger operations in Alaska noticing the durability just does not compare to the original American 3M product.

3/8" Thick (this is the perfect thickness for mining).  36 inches in Length 12 inches in Width.


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