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Black Sands Slide Gold Magnet

Black Sands Slide Gold Magnet

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Point Black Sands Slide Gold Magnet in area where you wish to remove black sands away from gold.

Very Strong Interior Rare Earth Magnet pulls black sand and other magnetic materials away from concentrate thus making it easier to extract and separate fine gold from other minerals. Pulls black sands away without even directly touching them. Just hold tip about 1 inch above any black sands you want to remove and black sands are pulled to the tool magnetically. This method offer a very precise way of removing black sands and leaving gold behind.

This tool offers an extremely precise removal of black sands as you can point the tip to small areas in your pan, sluice or mining system to remove black sands.

To remove black sands simply shake the Black Sands Slide Gold Magnet to allow interior rare earth magnet to "Slide" back in forth inside the tool. When blacks sands or other magnetic material pass by the exterior collar ring on the outside of the tool the black sands fall off the tool thus removing the black sands easily and effectively.

This smart little device greatly reduces panning time by allowing the extraction of heavy magnetic material, like iron. (see pics)

SIZE: 8 inches x 1 inch


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