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Bucket Wobbler + Snappy Grip

Bucket Wobbler + Snappy Grip

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Bucket Wobbler &
Snappy Grip Ergonomic Replacement Bucket Handle


You will receive 1 Snappy Grip and 1 Bucket Wobbler


Save Time, Process More Material,  Dig & Classify All in One Action, Stop breathing Dust,  and Save your aching back!
Yes, this simple product is the best piece of equipment to hit the market since.....

Only requires one action: You put your material in your classifier with your shovel that is sitting on top of your bucket. Your bucket has the Wobbler attached to the bottom of it. Now, that you have the material in your classifier, on top of your bucket with the Wobbler attached on the bottom, put your shovel in the classifier and move your shovel back and forth causing the bucket to Wobble thus shaking the material through the classifier into your bucket.

You no longer need to bend down to classify (with your aching back) and shake the bucket while you breath the dust coming off the material because you are standing with your shovel in hand using the shovel to shake the bucket!

Saves time and you process more material because you do not have to switch to bending down and shaking. Just do it all at once, shovel and classify!

Durable PVC material. The Bucket Wobbler you receive will not be the tan colored PVC in the picture. The color with be black PVC instead.
Attaches to any standard bucket bottom.

SNAPPY GRIP(see picture)
Replace your bucket handle (plus more uses/applications) then carry in comfort...

• Durable

SNaPPY GRiP™ Ergonomic Handles are made to last for years without deterioration from the sun or chemicals. It is designed to fit over the wire bail on buckets, to fit on rope or twine when carrying boxes or packages, to fit over the wire handles on pet cages and live animal traps, and they can even be modified for use on custom made tools and stuff. Your hands will love you!!!

• Comfortable

Have you ever carried a bucket full of tools, paint, water, dirt? Have you ever gone on a trip and had a box or some other type of heavy package wrapped with string or rope? Do you ever have to lift a pet cage with an animal in it? If you said yes to any one of these questions, then you know how bad it feels on your hands. This ergonomic handle was designed to fit comfortably in your hand! It can reduce hand fatigue by more than 50% buy distributing the weight over more of the surface area of your fingers, which will reduce the possibilities of arm, back, and shoulder injuries. It will also keep you from damaging the circulation in your hands and fingers. SNaPPY GRiP™ Ergonomic Handles will actually make whatever your carrying seem much, much lighter.

Whether you’re a handyman, painter, plumber, fisherman, gardener, camper or homeowner, the SNAPPY GRIP product is a must!

Bucket Not Included.


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