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Adventures In Prospecting

Expedition Fluid Bed Gold Trap Sluice Box

Expedition Fluid Bed Gold Trap Sluice Box

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The Expedition has revolutionized placer mining. Offers a Higher Production than the it's smaller counter part, the Recon (also available in our eBay store) only 24" long and weighing in at 4.1 lbs, the Expedition can process twice the speed of the Recon yet is also capable of recovering 200 mesh gold! It can be cleaned and reset in under 30 seconds.

No carpet needed. Uses water only and traps the gold inside. Water turbulence inside trap causes lighter material to leave the trap while heavy gold particles, flakes and nuggets stay inside. To clean up, simply pick up, open trap door, and shake contents in to your gold pan.

The Expedition is made for serious mining!

Includes Expedition Sluice, Printed Instruction and Instructional DVD hosted by inventor Kevin Bell.


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