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Adventures In Prospecting

Hex Pan

Hex Pan

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The Hex Pan design combines a coarse and fine gold recovery trap plus "V" traps with it's unique hexagon shape.

First, use the large riffle traps and pan out your material. Then, bring the material from the large traps to the small traps by tilting the material to the small riffles and pan down the remaining material. Then, bring the material over the micro riffles for fine gold and black sand separation.  Finally, move the material from the small traps to a "V" trap in one of the corners of the pan and easily pour your gold from the "V" trap down the grove.

Durable Hard Plastic Composition

15 inches x 13 inches x 3 inches

Bottom Diameter: 7 Inches

"The feature that I most like about this pan is that allows me to spread out my material over a FLAT surface with many riffle options for better control than a circular pan". Joey Wilson ~ Prospecting Channel


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