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Lortone 4-Step Abrasive & Polish

Lortone 4-Step Abrasive & Polish

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Lortone 4-piece, Rock Tumbling Abrasive and Polish Kit.

It includes enough material to polish up 12 pounds of rock:
Step 1 - Coarse (1-pound, 60/90 grit silicon carbide)
Used for initial grinding and shaping of rough stone.

Step 2 - Medium/Fine (14 ounces, 120/220 grit silicon carbide)
Used for smoothing stone surface after initial shaping.

Step 3 - Pre-Polish (12 ounces, aluminum oxide)
Used to prepare stones for final polishing.

Step 4 - Polish (12 ounces, ultra-fine aluminum oxide)
Used for final polishing on pre-polished stones.


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