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New Mexico Gold & Gems Maps Then and Now

New Mexico Gold & Gems Maps Then and Now

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NEW MEXICO Gold & Gems Maps

Map sections when combined cover entire state of New Mexico.

Includes 5 Maps each with 2 sides
MAP 1:
side #1 Gold & Gems NW Section
side #2 Placer Deposits New Mexico / Epithermal Vein Deposits
MAP 2:
side #1 Gold & Gems North Eastern Section
side #2 Great Plains Margin Deposits
MAP 3:
side #1 Gold & Gems SW Section
side #2 Historical Mining New Mexico Text
MAP 4:
side #1 Gold & Gems SE Section
side #2 Placer Deposits New Mexico 1970
MAP 5:
side #1 Post Route Map 1902 with Mining Districts
side #2 SW Mineral Deposits 1866

Areas in pink indicate gold and/or silver. Each map section is has various numbers printed on it which indicate where that particular gem or mineral has been found and known to be a deposit.
68 different Types of values indicated on maps including gold, gems, minerals and fossils.
Other maps included on backs (side #2 of each map) are a great reference for finding more about the history of areas that have been mined in the past.
This can help you in your research process and as a guide.


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