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Original Vac Pac Gold Power Rack Style Back Pack Vacuum Machine

Original Vac Pac Gold Power Rack Style Back Pack Vacuum Machine

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Get at the gold you've been missing! Real Power for picking up larger rocks along with the gold too!
Use as a power source to run a Blower Style Drywasher.
Use for other clean up jobs too.Clean up debris in cracks, driveways, gutters or anywhere you need high power suction.

Simple to operate is the perfect tool to suck up the gold dust and larger pieces as well. Enough power to lift a rock larger than the hose diameter. Vacuum rich paydirt out of crevices wet or dry a the rate of one gallon per minute!


* High quality engine, throttle control, on/off switch, exhaust port
* 4.5 gallon capacity durable plastic container with easy snap-on lid; all accessories pack inside the container
* 6 foot flexible suction hose fits into friction inlet with downward circular projection inside
* Crevice nozzle
* Aluminum pack frame
* 10.5 inch riffled gold pan
* Special crevice brush tool
* Fuel bottle
* Recommended oil

* Aluminum pack frame with attachment fittings
* Designed for recovering black sand and gold that settles in moss, rough bedrock, crevices, and in desert dry washes and is simple to operate
* Works mainly on dry materials, but will pick up damp materials and small amounts of water
* Operates with a 2-cycle gas engine that requires 50:1 ratio oil mixture 

* VAC PAC can be attached to blower style drywashers and used as source of power to operate these styles of drywashers
* VAC PAC has a 4.5 gallon capacity; when full, suction will stop and the contents can be emptied into a classifier and then run through a sluice, an automatic spiral panner, a Gold Cube, or other piece of fine gold recovery equipment of your choosing
* When full, the VAC PAC still has 5 inches of space between the inlet fitting and the exhaust port. This space is great enough to keep all material in the container so none is lost out the exhaust
* You can carry this machine while it is operating, but it is advisable to remove VAC from the PAC and work the small crevices thoroughly, since that's where the gold is generally found
* Vac Pac fittings can be interchanged with Shop Vac accessories -- how convenient!


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