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Pyramid Pro Gold Pan

Pyramid Pro Gold Pan

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Pyramid Pro Pan

"If it isn't in your PYRAMID PRO gold PAN, it just isn't there"

  • Easy to learn
  • Fast as a sluice
  • Keeps all the nuggets and coarse gold  
  • Retains up to 100% of the fines!
  • Tough, rugged construction
  • Heat and cold resistant
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Use all year around

Do keep this in mind – “If it isn’t in your Pyramid Pro Pan®… it just isn’t there!” ®
1. Find a resting spot for your Pyramid Pro Pan®, i.e. between some rocks, a hole dug in the ground or a bucket, etc.
2. Pour some water into your Pyramid Pro Pan®. This will keep the gravel in a more liquefied state, which promotes quicker cleaning, classification, and more gold. Now add the gravel to just below the top riffle. (See video.)
3. Pick up your Pyramid Pro Pan®, get comfortable, (sitting or stooping,) let your elbows rest on your knees. Now place the pan just below the waterline being deep enough to allow the water to enter into the top edge of the pan.
4. Begin moving your Pyramid Pro Pan® in straight quick short left and right movements as if you were trying to sift sand through a strainer. Do not lift the Pyramid Pro Pan® above the waterline or make rocking motions, because these types of movements will not give you the desired result. Do keep it horizontal and just below the waterline. This works best.
5. When gravel in the surface layer of the Pyramid Pro Pan® appears to move freely as in a liquefied state, begin to increase the left to right stroke as to cause the surface gravel to expel over the top end edge on the long sides while remembering to keep the pan just below the waterline so the water can enter and help wash out the lose gravel.
6. Repeat step 4, then 5, again and again, stratifying the gravel (sifting) then expelling the gravel until the gravel is level with the top of the mixing chamber, which is that bulbous shaped area just above the trap hole and plug.
7. Leave some water in your Pyramid Pro Pan®, then lift it up and give it quick shaking movements (forward, backward, side to side,) then swirl the gravel around to help sink the heavies into the trap.  At this time you may decide to fill your Pyramid Pan® again and keep panning (go back to 1.) or go on to 8.
8. After doing #7 enough to feel satisfied you did a good job, pour off the water, and reach down and loosen the trap plug. Pull out plug from the trap and empty concentrates into a container or finishing pan. Most, if not all of the heavy material will be there. At this time you can reinsert the plug (do not over- tighten, snug is enough,) and continue panning more gravel or throw some water into your Pyramid Pro Pan by dipping or with your hand and flush out the rest of the concentrates.


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