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Adventures In Prospecting

Recon Fluid Bed Gold Trap Sluice Box with Stand

Recon Fluid Bed Gold Trap Sluice Box with Stand

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You will receive the Recon and the Sluice Stand with this listing.
The Recon has revolutionized placer mining. At only 18" long and weighing in at 2.2 lbs, the Recon can process a two gallon bucket in 45 seconds yet is capable of recovering 200 mesh gold! It can be cleaned and reset in under 30 seconds.

No carpet needed. Uses water only and traps the gold inside. Water turbulence inside trap causes lighter material to leave the trap while heavy gold particles, flakes and nuggets stay inside. To clean up, simply pick up, open trap door, and shake contents in to your gold pan.

Designed to fit in a 5 gallon bucket or small backpack, the Recon is the perfect tool for prospecting new areas, working alone or in a two man team!

SUICE STAND: For use with both Expedition and/or Recon Sluices. Ideal for setting up your sluice out in the current of the river or stream. Set up where the water is deeper with legs adjustable height up to 18 inches. Each leg can be set at different heights to accommodate for uneven river rock conditions. Holds sluice in place firmly with top end crossbar and rear panel hardware. Quality, durable steel construction.

Weight: 5 lbs 10 oz
Folds down to 18" x  6" x 6"

Package includes Recon Sluice, Collapsible Leg Stand, Printed Instruction and Instructional DVD hosted by inventor Kevin Bell.


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