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Adventures In Prospecting

The Rockhound and Prospector's Bible Book

The Rockhound and Prospector's Bible Book

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Author: L.J. Ettinger


136 Pages
Written in English

Covers with word and illustration: Mineral Identification, Atomic Structures of Minerals, Crystals, Igneous Rock Forming Minerals, Classification of Igneous Rocks both extrusive and intrusive, Sedimentary Rocks, Metamorphic rocks, Magmatic Deposits, Hydrothermal Deposits, Secondary Deposits, Placer Deposits, Gemstones, Maps, Prospecting Techniques, Protecting your find and DETERMINATIVE TABLES to help you identify rocks!

Geology, the study of the earth is a complex subject. This book was written to simplify the basic study of rocks, minerals, gemstones and prospecting for the enjoyment of amateur rockhounds and prospectors. These subjects are tied together, making this book excellent as a reference by professionals.

Some 30 minerals make up most rocks you will encounter, and learning to identify rocks will then allow you to identify geologic environments. Being able to identify geologic environments will allow you to predict where you might find a variety of rocks, minerals and gemstones. That little bit of extra understanding and knowledge will make a difference and add to the enjoyment of an outdoor activity that the entire family can share.


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