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Adventures In Prospecting

Underwater Sniping for Gold Book

Underwater Sniping for Gold Book

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By: Sam Radding & Jim Garlock

144 Pages
Written in English

How to recover underwater gold using a mask, snorkel and crevicing tools
Fun Facts about gold. How to clean and sell your gold once you have found it.
A bonus section about where to snipe for gold including detailed maps of mining areas.
How to build a suction stick.
Club listings.

Gold, did you ever wish you could find gold without using a pile of expensive equipment? Can a person jump into the water and pick up lots of gold? Well some people do just that, and what they do is called SNIPING. This style of mining is one of the best kept secrets along many gold-bearing rivers. The equipment is simple and inexpensive, but the rewards can be great, in both the doing and finding. Jump in knowing you have a head start on the learning curve that Sam Radding, Jim Garlock and many of their friends spendt years chasing. The gold is still there, and sniping is the most enjoyable way we know to get it. Once you see that first piece of underwater gold, you'll be hooked!


A Sniper's Tale
Why We Snipe
Gathering Information
Hand Tools
Reading a River
Anatomy of a Good Spot
Fanning Techniques
Common Questions
Hints that Help
Sniping with a Dredge
Float Tips
Gold Facts
Specific Gravity
Geologic Time
Large GOLD Nuggets
Scale of Hardness
Purity of Precious Metals
10-Second Geology
Black Smokers
Gold Sizes
How Much is Your Gold Worth?
Cleaning, Classifying & Selling Gold
California Gold Districts
Central Mother Lode
Mother Lode Gold Bearing Rivers
Merced River Canyon
Placerville to Downieville
Auburn Recreation Area
Colfax & North Fork American
Mineral Bar Campground
Yankee Jim's
Foresthill Divide Area
Nevada City & Vicinity
Downtown Nevada City
South Yuba Recreation Lands
South Yuba at Illionois Crossing
Feather River Area
North Yuba Campgrounds
Feather River & Butte Creek
Forks of the Butte
Klamath & Trinity
Trinity Alps Area
Kern River
Piru Creek
East Fork of the San Gabriel
Mt. Baldy & Lytle Creek
Big Bear Area
Western Oregon
Building a Suction Stick
Gold Mining Clubs


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